Like most people, I subscribed to various cloud services over time with the assumption that it would always be cheaper to use the resources of bigger players rather than hosting it myself.

But that was until my colleague Thomas, passionate about opensource, shared with me his project to completely get clean of all these services through the use or free software. I have to admit I was dubitative as to doing so, mostly afraid to loose features I enjoyed on paid-software.

We then investigated together the state of available software for various needs we had both personnally (cloud-storage for pictures and files, emails, various apps) and professionally (devOps, infrastructure, internal messaging, bots, file management systems).

It turns out that there is so much out there to meet these needs. Free, easy to deploy, and usually with more features than their paid alternatives.

The main motivation for writing this blog is to share these tools with others, from a beginner's perspective, as an attempt to contribute to the opensource community and help other adopt this paradigm as a default choice.

I also intend to share some of the code I wrote for different projects, making it opensource, hoping it can help someone speed up their own projects.

One of the first mission I set myself is to reduce the number of paid-subscription to the minimum (not sure I can give up spotify !), and replace it by a cloud-server + my home computer to host various services. Let's get started !