A list of project ideas based on my needs or wishes, I intend to either develop it or find an existing opensource solution for each of them.

Speed up deployment of custom stacks/services

I use docker-compose often to deploy services, and as a begginner I struggled to come up with the proper .yml files to fit my needs. The idea is to create a repository with my standard config files, but also a bash script to quickly install them after prompting the user for config questions. I already partially did it, target is to publish it.

Containerized nodejs apps with REST apis

I often create small modules to test an idea using nodejs as it is extremely fast to create a prototype thanks to npm and the flexibility of the language. My projects often involve exposing the service as a REST api so other systems can communicate with it. I would like to formalize the approach and build a template.

Self-hosted code management system / CI-CD

Replace github by gitlab, without limitations, enabling CI-CD.

Self-hosted file storage

Replace dropbox-icloud-google-drive-onedrive-like paid service. Likely using Nextcloud which I already used in the past.

Self-hosted professional ERP

A need for my wife's company: corporate website, sales, invoicing, purchase, customer portal. I already know which software to use since... this is my day-time job: Odoo.

Self-hosted personal website/blog

Already done with the Ghost application running this website, which I prefer to Wordpress which I used both personally and professionally.

Self-hosted emails

Redirect all my existing accounts to one single address, with personal domain and hosting. Purpose is to be in control, avoid storage limits, own my data. Likely using mailu.

Containerized SSH tunnel(s) agent

Purpose is to have multiple hosts forward their SSH ports to a master in order to access them "locally" from the master on local ports. This could be useful to manage hosts which do not have public IP or are in local networks without the possibility to route traffic or create dynamic DNS - for example in China.

Bookmarks of firefox should sync to gitlab repository

In order to share valuable links with the rest of the world, would be nice to do it directly from firefox bookmarks (mobile/desktop), and get it synchronized to github, with eventually an excerpt of the website automatically scrapped.